Thursday, May 31, 2018

Oracle API Platform Gateway Log files Summary

Is Troubleshooting Important for you ? I hope, the answer is Yes. If that's the case for you then first thing we need to know where to look for the detailed error message when something going wrong e.g. Gateway server not pooling API configuration from Management tier, while Invoking API end user getting "Internal Server Error", "Resource not found" etc etc. There could be many types of error but often its hard to find out root cause of exact error.

Recently, I have created an API which was further calling and HTTPS endpoint. While, invoking that API I was getting error "Internal server error", However, there was nowhere I could easily locate the details error about this problem. I had looked Managed server.log, ManagedServer.out, APICS EDR file and many other files but couldn't find useful error message related to my error. Later, I found one log file "default.log" which helped me to get root cause of my error. Hence, I decided to compile a list of all logs files, their location and bit of description, so that next time when I hit the some issue, it could be much easier for me to find out root cause by looking relevant log file. This blogs definitely helps to reader as well if they got stuck with API Gateway Error.

Note: The path given in my explanation could be different than your environment but I hope you can very well workout your environment path after looking my sample PATH which I have mentioned in this blog. My base location of installation was "/u01/apics", the rest PATH should be same in your environment.

Also, before enabling debug/trace severity make sure it's impact on file size because some of the files start getting thousand of lines of logs once you enabled the debug/trace log severity.
So, here is my comprehensive logs files list, their location and bit of description which you won't find in Oracle APICS documentation.

Sample PATH for Logs Files and Log Configuration files Logs Files Description Sample Snaps
/u01/apics/install/logs/ Contains logs files which gets created during installation process about gateway installation, domain creation, and DB status etc.  1
/u01/apics/install/GATEWAY_HOME/logs/ Contains standard out and error logs messages from ./APIGateway script  2
/u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/servers/ Weblogic Adminserver and managed server logs Look for AdminServer.log and managedServer1.log inside “logs” sub folder. Use Weblogic console to control the severity of log message for these logs files.  3
/u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/apics/analytics/logstash.out /u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/startWls.out /u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/startNodeManager.out /u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/startMServer.out These are the standard out/error files for Admin Server, Managed Server, Node Manager and LogStash.  4
/u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/apics/analytics/ This file control the behavior how API gateway nodes aggregates data for incoming request before sending to Management tier for Analytics purpose. I found “excluded_fields” and “logstash_custom_params” are useful parameters. Detailed docs about all parameter can be found here.  5
/u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/apics/analytics/logs/EDR_managedServer 1_XXXXXXX.log API Gateway send API aggregated data back to Management tier using this file which been generated using LogStash tool. Pretty useful log to verify whether API Gateway node is receiving the request or not.  6
/u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/log4j/log4jconfig.xml This is most important configuration file. This file control the log level behavior API Gateway Server aka Oracle Communication Service Gatekeeper (OCSG) server. Below are few logs file for which logging level gets control from this configuration file e.g. /u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/servers/managedServer1/trace/default.log /u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/apics/logs/apics.log /u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/apics/logs/analytics.log  7
/u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/apics/logs/ apics.log – contains log messages related to API Gateway and Management portal communication e.g. polling frequency, polling API configuration etc. analytics.log – This could be useful log, if debug mode enabled. It shows all the API calls and relevant error messages.  8
/u01/apics/install/domain/gateway1/servers/managedServer1/trace/ default.logThis is the most important log file, I have noticed. Once you enable the debug or trace mode. It captures pretty much everything what’s going inside API Gateway server aka Oracle Communication Service Gatekeeper (OCSG) server. This is file which helped me find out root cause of many issues which I have faced.  9

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