Thursday, February 2, 2017

“Test Console” service not running. Contact administrator to start this service

I am sure if you are working as SOA administrator you might have bumped with this error. 

In this blog post I am just trying to highlight few configurations which needs to verified ; if user is not able to launch OSB test console. I have faced this issue couple of time in various environments but fix for that problem was always different, so I just thought to compile some of causes which might help you to fix your environment problem for the same issue. 

Please note: I may be keep adding more causes as I found related to this issue in future assignments.

When OSB console is not accessible then its look like this – 


Cause 1:
First and foremost problem, I have noticed that OSB server is not running mode many times. Although user able to access Oracle Service Bus Console which gets deployed on Weblogic Admin Server but if OSB server is not up and running then OSB test console will never work. So make sure Weblogic Admin Server and Weblogic OSB server both must be up and running condition.

Cause 2:
You must disable the popup blockers in your browser for the Test Console / XQuery testing to work. If you have third party popup blocker tools installed on your browser that might be interfering to launch Test console, disable them all.

Cause 3:
Try setting the Admin server listen address to a specific valid address, such as localhost. In the Oracle WebLogic Server Console, go to Environment > Servers > admin_server_name > Configuration > General to set the Listen Address. Listen address value could any host name which will resolve to valid IP where Admin server listening.


Cause 4:

If you have setup cluster with two or more managed servers, make sure there is no space given between two managed servers cluster address.


Cause 5:
Make sure “Service Bus Test Framework” application must be installed and targeted to AdminServer and OSB Cluster and must be active state.


Earlier this test framework was known by “ALSB Test Framework” but from 12c onward it’s been renamed to “Service Bus Test Framework”. 

Note: There was some bug as during early release of 12c version that this component was been deployed 3 times but one one item was active, if you see such situation then you can safely delete two other with same name e.g. 


Cause 6:
If you are using any other user than weblogic to accessing the oracle service bus console and trying to launch test console then make that particular user must have “IntegrationAdmin” and “IntegrationDeployer” role privilege.

I hope either of above cause can fix your environment problem. If I come across any new reason I will surely update this post in future. 

Also, refer this Oracle Note- "Test Console" Service is not Running. Contact Administrator to Start This Service. (Doc ID 1275743.1)


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