Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Generating WLST python script from WLS console for particular task

Many occasion wherein we are administrating large number of WLS instance, we need to do repetitive task. In order to do those tasks we have one best option available with us using WLST script. 

Task could be anything such as log location change, create datasource, create JMS resources etc.
In this Simple post I just want to show how we can unable WLST script recording, so that corresponding task commands can be captured in python script and then later can be modify and reuse or other environment. 

Step1: In order to identify what commands wlst uses in background when we make changes from WLS admin console, we need to enable wlst “Automatic recording” feature.

After this whenever we create a session and activate it, all the command which WLS consoles uses get captured in a python scripts which can give a detailed idea about WLST commands for that particular activity.

Step2: Activate session

Once we activated the session, WLS console will show us the generated python script name and location.


View the generated “” to see commands used by WLS console for particular performed activity. 

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