Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Problem Statement:

While testing some of OSB business service we were getting this below error. 
This error is generic can come from any SOA component, not just OSB. 

weblogic.socket.MaxMessageSizeExceededException: Incoming message of size: '10000080' bytes exceeds the configured maximum of: '10000000' bytes for protocol: 't3


The payload size which OSB or SOA services are dealing with is larger then allowed max message size.


1. Go to servers--->protocols--->general--->max message size--->changed the value (do this for both the Admin server and the SOA server)

Note: This change must need to implement in AdminServer and Mservers both, We had struggle a bit to fix this problem coz we were making changes in only OSB and SOA servers and were not making changes in Admin server and error was still occurring, but later when we made changes in AdminServer then only problem got sorted out.

AServer Snap-

MServer Snap -

2. Go to servers--->configuration--->server start--->arguments--->
-Dweblogic.MaxMessageSize=50000000 some value given earlier

Aserver Snap - 

 MServer Snap -

Restart the Admin and WLS Managed servers after making changes.

Make sure after restarting new weblogic configuration value must be appearing in .out file. 



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