Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Installing Oracle SOA Suite Extension plug-in in JDeveloper11g to Develop the SCA based Composite application.


During SOA Suite11g installation once user installed the JDeveloper 11g.x.x version, developer feels now he/she would be able to develop the Composite application but in reality JDeveloper won’t allow to develop any composite application until unless we will install the SOA Suite Extension plug-in on it.

Many books refer how to develop a new composite application in jdeveloper e.g. go to File>>New>>General>>Application>>Select SOA Application but if you are running Jdeveloper11g first time for composite application then developer won’t see “SOA Application” in above path.

In above screen shot there is no SOA Application is coming since I didn’t install the SOA Suite extension.


In order to see the “SOA application” in jdeveloper11g developer has to install the SOA Suite extension using below steps.

Step1: Go to help menu in JDeveloper and look for “Check for Update” sub menu.

Step2:  Once clicked on “Check for Update”, JDeveloper will find out updates for you, and now developer has to check “Oracle Fusion Middleware Product” option and click on next button.

Note: Once JDeveloper try to search for update then it might failed will give error for connecting problem to internet, in such situation developer has to provide the proxy server host name, port name, proxy server authentication username and password(If required), then only user will able to connect to internet from JDeveloper and it will downloaded latest update.

Step3: once developer clicked on next button, a big list possible plug-in will be listed, out of that developer has to find out “Oracle SOA Composite Editor” and click on next button.

Step4: Once developer will click on next button, this plug-in will get installed on system.

Step5: Click on Finish button. JDevloper must need to restart after that.

Step6: Once restarted, again go to File>>New>>General>>Application>>Select SOA Application.


The above info is already covered in Installation Guide for Jdeveloper11g release but its take bit harder to find out the complete process, that’s why I have put the above steps in simplest way in this blog.

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